Litigation is often the most costly part of any legal budget, forcing both individuals and companies to make tough choices in determining priorities. Cases that should be litigated on principle are often settled for nuisance value, allowing essentially the same case to be brought again and again against a settling defendant. Cases are triaged, rather than effectively litigated, especially large, document-intensive cases involving important contractual or patent rights. Litigation largely remains a resource drain and not a contributing part of a profitable business.


Mind Merchants provides cost effective and time saving support solutions for litigants in a broad range of cases and in diverse capacities. We provide onshore, offshore, and dual shore options with globally-integrated resources supporting complex matters and foreign language requirements. Highly-qualified and extensively trained Indian attorneys work under the supervision and guidance of experienced U.S. attorneys. We take pride in our robust project management approach and stringent quality controls and put special emphasis on data security, confidentiality, and cost reduction methodologies.


Our capabilities start before litigation has begun and can continue through a case's completion, including any appeals. At the beginning of a case, we assist clients with early-stage document review for responsiveness, relevance, and privilege, which makes the discovery phase of litigation less burdensome and costly. While we are "technology agnostic" and can adapt to any review platform, our teams have hands-on experience working in Relativity, Concordance, Kroll, Xerox, and Summation.

Our streamlined document review process includes:

  • uploading relevant documents received from the client;
  • filtering out documents through predictive coding and clustering;
  • developing a protocol sheet for every project with specific details based on guidelines from the client;
  • assigning documents in batches to the review team after training on the protocol;
  • providing tagging parameters to the review team for “responsive”, “privilege”, “confidential” tags, as well as issue coding, if appropriate;
  • completing a first review to mark responsive documents, attach required confidentiality codes, identify potentially privileged documents, and categorize all documents provided;
  • redacting documents based on specific legal issues or other identifiable information;
  • reviewing work product to check, improve, strengthen, and focus the first review;
  • communicating with both in-house and outside counsel in order to support the client’s overall litigation strategies; and
  • creating a privilege log that effectively identifies privileged documents and explains specifically why certain documents are withheld.

As litigation continues, Mind Merchants offers legal research and drafting for legal memoranda, pleadings, and motions. Attorneys at Mind Merchants have also assisted in the preparation of trial and appellate briefs.

Mind Merchants’ legal research and drafting process includes:

  • summarizing all relevant facts and legal issues;
  • if appropriate, performing multi-jurisdictional surveys of laws, rules, and regulations relating to specific issues;
  • if appropriate, performing multi-jurisdictional surveys of laws, rules, and regulations relating to specific issues;
  • drafting memoranda or potential submissions applying the law to the facts; and
  • updating all legal content as requested by the client using legal and court databases.

To enable our clients a unique experience, Mind Merchants team innovated The Legal Taxi , which offers attorneys a new , effective, and efficient way to conduct legal research online.

In every phase and in each capacity, expert quality control teams continually work to detect error patterns and identify the causes of any defects. Experienced attorneys designated as project managers and team leads take ownership of all projects and continually re-train, and even reassign, attorneys to ensure only the best results.


Mind Merchants allows litigants of all sizes to have lower cost options to effectively litigate large, document-intensive cases, as well as smaller matters that may have significant precedential value. We arm our clients with the broadest legal strategy possible to address what is often the largest and most uncontrolled portion of any legal budget. Mind Merchants puts businesses’ litigation choices back into their own hands, creating value from what was once a cost center.


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Mind Merchants continuously invests in technology and has developed a unique online platform for legal research,
Legal Taxi offers private practitioners and in-house counsel a new, effective, and efficient way to conduct legal research. We provide an easy-to-use, online service that supports the legal research needs of private practitioners and in-house counsel and that enables each to create and order their own customized legal research queries.
The advantages of The Legal taxi are:

  • No need to pay for expensive legal database subscriptions anymore.
  • Archive all the research so clients have it handy when you need it.
  • Low flat fee per query and progress monitor through interactive dashboard enable predictability of cost and turnaround time.