Every day, more and more corporations are demanding that their law firms demonstrate an attractive LPO alternative so that they may have a full menu of pricing options when distributing their legal work. For example, Legal Week reported in June of 2012 that the Royal Bank of Scotland was "putting an emphasis on legal process outsourcing (LPO), with law firms seeking positions on . . . [their legal] panel required to demonstrate they have sufficient capabilities in place." Law firms with LPO arrangements with lower cost vendors are being selected over law firms with only traditional in-house capabilities.

Mind Merchants' attorneys, with their extensive hands-on experience and training, can immediately operate as a virtual extension of the traditional law firm. Mind Merchants' attorneys regularly use Lexis and Westlaw research technologies and Bluebook citation standards. Moreover, they have an overall understanding of the interplay among local, national, and international laws and can do multi-level issue-spotting even when more than one legal standard applies. Most important, our team of professional researchers knows precisely how to optimize the balance between efficient work product delivery and effective cost saving.

We offer one of the broadest menus of LPO support solutions available for private practitioners and regularly assist law firms with:
  • Case law research
  • Statutory research
  • Memo writing
  • Trial preparation assistance
  • Motion preparation
  • Completion of bankruptcy petition forms
  • Research on bankruptcy issues
  • Completion of immigration forms
Mind Merchants has numerous options to assist law firms in meeting the diverse needs of demanding corporate clients.

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