Law firms often have to increase their client-base or the number of matters they handle in order to increase profits. Unfortunately, this usually requires hiring additional attorneys with increasing salary requirements and associated overhead costs. Small or specialized law practices are the most vulnerable, requiring greater numbers of cases to be assigned to the attorneys in order to consistently develop and grow. And time that should be spent strategizing about additional ways to enlarge a firm’s business can be forever lost in repeatedly gathering the same information from new clients and completing the same countless forms.

Bankruptcy practitioners face unique time and case management pressures. Federal statutes aim to keep bankruptcy cases on accelerated litigation tracks requiring bankruptcy lawyers to routinely work on tight deadlines. At the same time, evolving law allows certain kinds of bankruptcy cases to continue for years while still proceeding on “expedited” schedules. Lawyers must be quick and efficient while operating in an increasingly complex and fact-dependent legal frame work, and this leaves very little time for them to expand their practices.

Immigration attorneys face their own set of time constraints. They must manage extremely detailed and diverse client information while negotiating the complex, quickly changing web of US immigration legal requirements and deadlines. Maneuvering through bureaucracy and staying up to date with developing law leaves room for little else in a largely transactional practice. While relying on paralegals and office assistants can ease some of the short-term time pressure, this kind of support often does not allow attorneys to leverage the kind of volume required to cultivate and develop increasingly profitable practices over the long-term.


Our team of paralegals and lawyers will work around the clock to ensure that cases move quickly from intake through trial while saving our clients valuable time and resources. Our lawyers have expertise in most legal software platforms, as well as experience running their own varied caseloads and assisting partners with higher value and more complex cases. Additionally, they are easily accessible to handle routine paralegal and other administrative support activities to further reduce client workloads. At any time, Mind Merchants’ services can be modified or otherwise customized to suit particular business needs, and the teams can be scaled up or down to handle sudden volume changes.


Mind Merchants attorney teams bring comprehensive solutions to these problems by helping law firms and attorneys prepare certain documents and client files. By combining their skills and experience with the latest technology, Mind Merchants’ teams produce quick, high-quality results. Yet the teams’ services are also customized according to each client’s specific needs, resulting in the most narrowly-tailored, cost-efficient services possible. Clients need not remain tied to any fixed investment in backend support but instead can bring in Mind Merchants’ teams only on an as-needed basis. This brings clients new levels of flexibility and scalability allowing them to concentrate on business strategies and core legal competencies. And Mind Merchants achieves all of this while adhering to internationally-recognized standards of information security.

  • initially preparing bankruptcy petition;
  • following up with debtor on telephone to obtain missing information from intake forms;
  • performing online lien search for real property;
  • obtaining Kelley Blue Book or NADA market values for automobiles;
  • performing online civil and/or criminal court records searches;
  • drafting wage garnishment letters to employers;
  • completing additional local forms required by specific jurisdictions;
  • compiling summary sheets with any additional relevant information; and
  • electronically transferring drafts of petitions and other documents using bankruptcy preparation software (our attorneys are familiar with Best Case, E-Z Filing, and Bankruptcy 2011, among others).

Mind Merchants also provides unlimited, hassle free immigration support services to law firms and corporations of any size. Our solutions include initial case study and research, preparation of supporting documents, completion of relevant forms, drafting and organization of cover letters and supporting documents, and ongoing monitoring of petitions. Our teams have hands on experience in various immigration case management applications such as INSZoom, LawLogix, and ImmigrationPro, and our encrypted FTP server guarantees secure data transfer between Mind Merchants and our clients. This ensures our customizable immigration support services are cost-effective, efficient, and secure.

Specifically, Mind Merchants offers the following immigration support services:

  • Filling out most immigration forms and petitions, including:
    • H1, L1A, L1B, E1 / E2, B1 / B2, F1 / F2, J1/J2, K1/K3, H4/L2, O1 / O2/ O3
  • Filling out forms for employment-based green cards, including:
    • labor certification form ETA 9089 through PERM process
    • immigration petition form I-140 for employment-based petitions
    • adjustment of status form I-485 for consular processing
    • advance parole form I-131
  • Filling out forms for family-based immigration petitions, including:
    • immigration petition form I-130 for family-based petitions
    • affidavit of support form I-864 for immigration petitions
    • adjustment of status form I-485 for consular processing
    • advance parole form I-131
  • Drafting specialized technical support letters for all of the above applications
  • Researching US immigration laws
  • Reviewing and analyzing relevant documents


Law firms leverage Mind Merchants’ services to reduce their operational costs by more than 40% and at the same time increase their case handling capacity by as much as 200%. Our teams of experienced, expertly trained attorneys deliver end to end support and the highest quality work product allowing our clients to focus their energies on strategic practice management and business development.


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Mind Merchants continuously invests in technology and has developed a unique online platform for legal research,
Legal Taxi offers private practitioners and in-house counsel a new, effective, and efficient way to conduct legal research. We provide an easy-to-use, online service that supports the legal research needs of private practitioners and in-house counsel and that enables each to create and order their own customized legal research queries.
The advantages of The Legal taxi are:

  • No need to pay for expensive legal database subscriptions anymore.
  • Archive all the research so clients have it handy when you need it.
  • Low flat fee per query and progress monitor through interactive dashboard enable predictability of cost and turnaround time.