Modern commerce and communication require lawyers to think globally even if they mostly act locally. Regardless of whether an attorney has an individual practice or is part of a Global 100 law firm, adequately protecting client interests requires consideration of every possible implication -- from local ordinances to international norms.

Like international law firms, sole practitioners should have the benefit of LPO efficiencies and cost-savings so that they too can focus their time and energy on growing their businesses and increasing profits. As a result, while most other LPO providers limit their services to Fortune 500 legal departments and large law firms, Mind Merchants offers its complete menu of law firm solutions to independent practitioners as well.

Working with Mind Merchants, a sole practitioner can gain an instant team of qualified legal support professionals to assist with almost any task and can structure his or her association with that team in any number of ways. We are one of the only LPO providers to offer so many options to single member or start-up practices. Whether the work consists of a single, discrete legal research project or the review and analysis of hundreds of commercial leases, our attorneys can provide all the benefits of outsourcing while meeting tight deadlines and fulfilling court requirements.

Some of the tasks most commonly outsourced by sole practitioners include:
  • Case law research
  • Statutory research
  • Memo writing
  • Trial preparation assistance
  • Motion preparation
  • Completion of bankruptcy petition forms
  • Research on bankruptcy issues
  • Completion of immigration forms
  • Research on immigration issues
  • Completion of personal injury claims
  • Personal injury claim lifecycle management
  • Real estate title search
  • Due diligence
  • Document review
  • Deposition preparation assistance
Mind Merchants can be a virtual extension of any law office and provide optimum results for repeatable work while eliminating at least 30% in costs. Attorneys can then focus on expanding their businesses in ways they might never have considered.

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