Working with Mind Merchants makes good corporate sense. Our teams of experienced attorneys can all but remove repeatable legal work from the corporate ledger. This allows business units and in-house counsel to focus almost exclusively on increasing yields and broadening profit margins rather than reviewing outdated documents. And Mind Merchants always allows its clients to decide how they want to run their businesses. By offering flexible models of association, Mind Merchants seeks to inform and educate but ultimately put the financial decision-making back in the clients' hands. Gone are the days of the oppressive law firm billing rates and fee structures. Mind Merchants brings legal billing into the new global economy.

Examples of how corporations can structure their association with Mind Merchants include:

Project-Based (Per Assignment): This model provides flexibility of services with no fixed costs, and fees can be calculated on either an hourly or a total project cost (flat fee) basis.

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE/Dedicated Resource): This model allows clients to select professionals from our talent pool and hire them full-time with fees calculated on a monthly basis. With this model, clients can select the most suitable resources for their specific projects and retain management of the assignments in-house.

Captive Unit: This model is designed for managed legal outsourcing using Mind Merchants' office and resources to create an extended corporate legal unit managed by either Mind Merchants or the client.

Customized: Mind Merchants' consultants can also advise companies on best practices for outsourcing particular tasks and design a model specific to a particular situation. For example, clients may need FTEs for dedicated support or repeatable work with special projects performed by our subject matter experts on a pay per assignment model.

Some of the most commonly outsourced corporate legal work includes:
  • contract organization and management
  • document review and analysis
  • contract review and abstraction
  • due diligence
  • legal research
  • document organization and archiving
  • real-time contract support services
  • title searches
Mind Merchants provides corporate support solutions that are fast (with minimum turnaround time); accurate (after a two-tier quality check process); and secure (using a multi-level confidentiality arrangement). Companies never look back.

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