Mind Merchants is an ITeS company incorporated in India and catering to legal departments of leading corporates globally and especially in India.

Built on the concept of ‘Legal Outsourcing’, our products and services are aimed at streamlining legal functions for the clients. Legal Functions are a cost center for any company and does not fall within the domain of their core competence. The best way to minimize the cost of legal functions while managing them effectively is to streamline processes, bringing core competence into the system and leveraging technology to automate, regulate and monitor. We constantly strive to bring such value to our clients through our industry knowledge, legal expertise, and innovative and cost effective software applications.



Mind Merchants was developed in partnership with a rigorous, classroom-based, LPO training program called MindLaw Training, which provides Mind Merchants' lawyers with real-life LPO experience and fosters intellectual collaboration with experts in software development and foreign language skills.


LegalTaxi Compliance, a cloud based software offering all your compliance solutions at one place. It helps you to keep a track of all your legal and regulatory obligations by providing you a customized list of obligations applicable to your area of business.

Mind Merchants continuously invests in technology and has developed a unique online platform for legal research, TheLegalTaxi.com.
Legal Taxi offers private practitioners and in-house counsel a new, effective, and efficient way to conduct legal research. We provide an easy-to-use, online service that supports the legal research needs of private practitioners and in-house counsel and that enables each to create and order their own customized legal research queries.

Apttus with MindMerchants as a certified ‘Implementation Partner’ for Apttus Contract Lifecycle Management solutions is specifically aligned to serve the enterprises and simplify the complexities in contract management processes. Having an in-house team with a keen understanding of the legal needs of clients, MindMerchants has a vast experience in discovering, designing, implementing and ensuring adoption of CLM solutions.


Compliance and Multi-jurisdictional Surveys

Mind Merchants helps its clients navigate through the complex compliance maze and warn them of such compliance risks. We offer Regulatory Mapping, Compliance Research, Multi-Jurisdictional Surveys and other essential monitoring and compliance research in a simple and friendly format.

Contract Management Solutions

Mind Merchants offers customizable contract management solutions for contract database maintenance, redlining, contract review, template creation and revision, negotiation and approval support, data migration and foreign language consulting and translation.

Immigration Support Solutions

Mind Merchants offers a plethora of immigration services ranging from form filling, preparation of the complete immigration packet, putting together exhibits, preparing Attorney Cover Letter (ACL’s), and Business Plan through
Business Plan Pro.

Litigation Support Solutions

Mind Merchants offers a full menu of litigation solutions and supports all commonly used eDiscovery tools. Through MindLaw Training, Mind Merchants’ attorneys develop experience reviewing documents, creating privilege logs, and summarizing depositions before they begin any client work.